Unique in ability to provide products, services and solution on a global basis to steel structure market. All of our business continues to deliver record results. Regional demand for steel product andconstruction service remains strong and our future business prospects remain bright. We are especially excited about our growth prospects in the steel structure industry where we can put our financial and human resources to work to generate exceptional returns for shareholders. Our operation in Egypt continues to exceed expatiation will give us a foothold in markets which have large population and growing economies. Our construction operation continues to secure new work and repeat order throughout the region by targeting those projects on which we have a competitive advantage either through a specific technical company, a strong geographical presence or successful track record with the client. We continue to be live that our strong management team, our commitment to quality and our ability to react quickly to now opportunities will ensure a significant and sustainable level of growth and profitability for the foreseeable future


The ESF. management teams aims to create exceptional value for shareholders by producing steel structure and providing construction service to customer. By establishing strategic partnership, recruiting and retaining high caliber employees, utilizing the latest production technologies, and maintaining a commitment to quality and safety, the management team intends to deliver sustainable growth and above average returns ESF. Intends to selectively target large, complex and demanding project on witch we have a competitive advantage either through a specific technical competency, a strong presences or successful track record with the client. Quality remains central to our client offering, we are working to established quality and health & safety standards in all our market.


structure building especially heaving structures and built – up sections Plate work for cement industry and make the required repairs in the time of shutdown and the maintenance work Pressure vessels Boilers. Water tubes, fire tubes and Pipe lines and pumps installations Towers for mobile network. Steel grating Anchor bolts with different specifications and materials, bolts and nuts stamped (it can be hot dipped galvanized as we own a unit for cold galvanizing).

Social Responsablety

ESF plan to be publicly listed corporation. Employ thousands of people provide goods and services to thousands of customer in any countries. We recognize that we have a social responsibility to our countries and committed to acting in accordance with international best practices for corporate governance; corporate citizenship and sustainable developmentEsf demands that all their employees conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standard of professional conduct and ethics.

ESF has adopted carpeted governance guidelines which comply which all applicable laws and stock exchange regulations. We have adopted strict employee health , safety and environmental policies; we plane to form a charitable foundation to provide educational opportunities for young people to promote human right , labor standards environmental protection and anti-corruption effort. Working together with our employee, our international partners and customer, we are helping to build a brighter future in developing our great country.

Our strength





Team Megacon

We are proud to present you our latest projects that have behind a great team and hard work, but very satisfied clients.


Sally Marsh


As one of the founders of ESF inc construction and board member, Sally oversees and

John Haze


John has immeasurable knowledge of industry standards and management. Managing our employees and subcontracting to


Edward Dillinger


Edward is responsible for supervising and cost breakdown analysis, he reviews legal aspects and construction


Dwayne Floyd


Dwayne manages aspects of specific development services. He handles construction scheduling, subcontracting, design coordination, oversees


Joseph Green


Joseph has immeasurable knowledge of industry standards and management. Managing our employees and subcontracting to

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